This weekend is organized in our facilities a seminar on balneotherapy in rheumatism diseases. It is addressed to students of the las courses of medicine and it is organized by the USC with the collaboration of Lugo Medical Spa.

It vill seek the thermal cure from several points of view.

The lectures will be attended by Dra. Rosa Meijide Failde, Professor of Medical Hydrology; Magdalena Pereiro, family doctor PAC of Fonsagrada; Benigno Amor, manager of the Asociation Medical Spas of Galicia and  Dra. Ascensión Sánchez Carrión, specialist medical Hydrology and the current medical director of medical spa Roman Baths of Lugo.

In addition to the theoretical meetings, the pupils will be provided with practical meetings that will be realized in the facilities of the Medical Spa of Lugo.