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Enjoy the therapeutic waters in a privileged enviroment

Hotel Balneario de Lugo is placed in an exceptional place, next to the River Miño and it is surrounded by extensive gardens for strolling.

Its location, on the outskirts of Lugo make our hotel the perfect place to relax and enjoy the thermal treatments that we offer, and you can also visit our city and its many tourist atracttions.

The quality of our waters was already known in ancient Rome , the proof of this are the Roman baths located on the ground floor of our building, that you can see during your stay.

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Located on the top of the building, the Hotel Balneario de Lugo, 3 stars hotel, is the perfect complement for the thermal treatments.
Our hotel has 60 double rooms and 2 single rooms. There are also two dining rooms, cafeteria, social lounge, chapel, two lounges and a suitable lift for disabled people.

The Romans knew the action of the medicinal waters, hence the numerous constructions that they carried out like the hot springs or public baths. The foundation of Lugo turns concerning the existence of a few thermal sources.
Nowadays, Balneario de Lugo keeps on  using these waters with therapeutic purposes.


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Lugo Roman Baths

In the center of the building at Balneario de Lugo are the Roman Baths, one of the most representative of the Roman cultural heritage.

Visiting hours: Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Prior visit is required to visit the Roman Baths.